Issue Briefs

Press regulation

An overview of the regulation of the UK's print media and newspaper industry, covering its history, Leveson, and the arguments around statutory control.Read More

Prison Officers

An overview of the role of prison officers, covering recent history, prison officer numbers, pay levels, and related controversies.Read More
Prison overcrowding

Prison Overcrowding

An overview of the issue of prison overcrowding, the latest numbers, and history of prison overcrowding in the UK.Read More

Prison Rehabilitation

An overview of prison rehabilitation policy in the United Kingdom, covering its history, the current approach, controversies, and statistics.Read More

Private Prisons

An overview of the use of private prisons within the prisons system, their current operation, and the arguments involved.Read More

Private renting

An overview of the political debate around the private rental sector, its history, its current size, the regulations it falls under, and the arguments made around future reform.Read More
Judge critical of postal voting system

Proportional Representation

An overview of proportional representation, its history in the UK, the arguments made for and against electoral reform, and the different types of proportional voting systems.Read More

Prostitution in the UK

An overview of the history and legal framework currently governing prostitution in the UK, alongside the ongoing debate, and the suggested alternative legal structures.Read More

Public Libraries

An overview of the public library system in the UK, covering its history, current levels of use, the drop in funding, and the debates around the future of the public library in a digital age.Read More
Pupil Premium

Pupil premium funding

An overview of the pupil premium, how it operates, how the funding is allocated, the history of the scheme, and the debate about its effectiveness.Read More

Quantitative Easing

An overview of quantitative easing, how it works, what is involved, its history both in the UK and internationally, and the arguments around the practice.Read More

Race relations

An overview of UK race relations, touching on history, the legislative framework, and current debates.Read More
Councils urged to up recycling efforts

Recycling Centre

An overview of recycling policy in the UK, covering recycling levels and systems, current recycling policies and targets, and recycling post Brexit.Read More
Research and Development

Research and Development

An overview of research and development, its role in the economy, the current tax credit system, and the political debate around R&D.Read More
The new housing measures are designed to help first time buyers

Right to Buy

An overview of the Right to Buy Scheme, covering the discounts that are available, the history of the scheme, and the political arguments surrounding it.Read More
Road pricing

Road pricing

An overview of road pricing in the UK, its history, current road pricing schemes, the drivers behind calls for a national scheme, and the arguments made both for and against this new form of road taxation. Read More

Road tax

An overview of the road tax system in the UK, the history of vehicle excise duty, its current various reforms, and the debate around the merits of the current structure.Read More
Gay marriage: Lib Dem support could see new law

Same Sex Marriage

An overview of same sex marriage, covering the current legal framework in the UK, its history, the position internationally, and the different arguments deployed around the issue.Read More


An overview of Standard Assessment Tests (SATS), their history, how they operate, and the political arguments that surround them.Read More