Issue Briefs

Gay marriage: Lib Dem support could see new law

Same Sex Marriage

An overview of same sex marriage, covering the current legal framework in the UK, its history, the position internationally, and the different arguments deployed around the issue.Read More


An overview of Standard Assessment Tests (SATS), their history, how they operate, and the political arguments that surround them.Read More

School exclusion

An overview of the school exclusion process in the United Kingdom, how it works, exclusion statistics, and the arguments around the current system.Read More

School leaving age

An overview of the school leaving age in the UK, the current provisions, and the history and political debates around the issue.Read More

Scottish Independence

An overview of the debate around Scottish independence, covering the latest opinion polls, the arguments made around independence on either side, and the issues that would need to be resolved in the event of a 'Yes' vote.Read More

Scottish Independence Referendum

An overview of IndyRef2, the legal framework surrounding a second vote, the arguments made for and against such a poll, and the growing rise in support for Scottish Independence.Read More

Sexual health

An overview of sexual health services in the United Kingdom, their history, current operations, statistics, and the surrounding political debate.Read More


An overview of the political debate around smacking, the different legal position across the UK, the situation internationally, the history of the issue, and the various arguments deployed.Read More
Smoking Ban

Smoking ban UK

An overview of the smoking ban that exists in the United Kingdom, its history, what has been in its impact, and details of the calls for further reform on smoking legislation.Read More

Social housing

An overview of social housing provision in the United Kingdom, and of the political debates surrounding this sector of the housing market.Read More

Speed cameras

An overview of speed cameras in the UK, how they operate, their number, history, the attitude of public opinion, and the arguments made for and against their use.Read More
State Pension Age

State pension age UK

An overview of the ongoing changes being made to the state pension age in the UK, alongside a discussion of the political debate and legal challenges surrounding them.Read More
Sugar Tax

Sugar tax

An overview of the sugar tax imposed on soft drinks in the UK, how it works, what is raised, what other countries are doing, what its impact has been, and the calls for a further extension of the sugar levy.Read More


An overview of the use of surveillance in the UK, the current levels of CCTV, and an outline of the debate surrounding the effectiveness and rules governing CCTV.Read More