Issue Briefs


An overview of the legal position surrounding begging in the United Kingdom, and of the current political debate that accompanies it.Read More
Birmingham finally fell to Labour on May 3rd this year

Birmingham Congestion Charge

An overview of proposals for the introduction of a congestion charge in Birmingham.Read More

British Monarchy

An overview of the monarchy in the United Kingdom, its role, history, cost, levels of public support, and the arguments made for and against its abolition.Read More

British Summer Time

An overview of the arrangements for British Summer Time, the main proposals for reform, and the arguments made for and against a change in the clocks. Read More

Broiler chicken

An overview of the political debate around broiler chickens, covering current practices in the UK, the arguments supporting the practice, and the campaigns mounted in opposition.Read More
Brownfield Land

Brownfield Development

An overview of brownfield development covering it definition, scale, history, current policy, and the political debate surrounding brownfield sites.Read More
school bullying

Bullying in schools

An overview of school bullying in the UK, including the prevalence of out of school bullying and cyber bullying.Read More

Bus lanes

A quick overview of bus lanes, how they operate, the penalties involved, and the case made for and against their introduction.Read More
Business rates

Business rates

An overview of UK business rates, how they operate, what they raise, the different aspects of business rate relief, arguments around the system, and suggestions for reform.Read More
Cancer Research

Cancer Research

An short overview of cancer research, its history and related statistics.Read More

Cannabis Laws

An overview of current cannabis laws in the UK, their history, enforcement, exemptions for medicinal use, the approach taken around the world, and the arguments for and against reform.Read More
Carers Allowance

Carers allowance

An overview of Carer's Allowance, how it operates, its level, the history of the allowance, and the various proposals made for reform.Read More
Channel Tunnel

Channel Tunnel

An overview of the Channel Tunnel between Britain and France, covering its construction, operations, and ongoing political issues post Brexit.Read More
Child abusers will now face prosecution back at home

Child Abuse

An overview of the political discussion in relation to child abuse, and changes made to the law in the Twenty First Century.Read More
Child Maintenance

Child maintenance

An overview of the child maintenance system in the UK, how it currently operates, its history, its role in tackling child poverty, recent reforms, and the associated controversies.Read More

Chlorinated Chicken

An overview of the debate surrounding chlorinated chicken, what it is, how safe is it, and a summary of the political arguments made for and against this method of treating chickens.Read More

Cigarette Tax

An overview of cigarette taxation in the UK, covering the history of tobacco duty, current taxation levels, and the arguments involved in the debate around tobacco duty.Read More
Civil liberties

Civil Liberties

An overview of civil liberties in the UK, the history, current position, coronavirus restrictions, and the associated political debate around civil liberties.Read More
Class sizes

Class Sizes

An overview of the political issue of class sizes covering its history, current levels, and the various arguments that accompany this debate.Read More