Issue Briefs

Immigration Removal Centres

An overview of Immigration Removal Centres, detailing their use, their early history and recent reform, alongside the debate around their use.Read More
Lecturers were asked to report on Islamic extremists


An overview of the issue of Islamphobia, a definition, the form it takes, and its relationship with British politics.Read More


An overview of the operation of ITV, and its obligations to continue to provide local news.Read More

National Identity Card

An overview of the debate around national identity cards, their history in the UK, and the debate for and against ID cards.Read More

UK Immigration

An overview of UK immigration policy, historical and comparable international levels, the visa system, proposed immigration from Hong Kong, and the various arguments surrounding the immigration issue.Read More
Income Tax

UK Income tax

An overview of UK income tax covering current income tax rates, personal allowance levels, the history of the tax, and associated debate around income tax levels.Read More

UK Inflation Rate

An overview of inflation, what is it, what causes it, the problems caused by inflation, and its history in the UK.Read More
Interest Rates

UK Interest Rates

An overview of UK interest rate policy, how interest rates work, who sets them, their history, and the debate around their operation.Read More