Issue Briefs

NHS prescription charge

An overview of prescription charges in the UK, how they work, the current system of exemptions, their history, what revenue they raise, and the arguments surrounding system reform.Read More
North Korean

North Korea

An overview of the North Korea nuclear weapons issue, its history, the debate around the effectiveness of UN sanctions, and the approaches taken towards the Kim Jong Un regime.Read More
Nuclear deterrent

Nuclear Deterrence

An overview of nuclear deterrence theory, the history of nuclear weapons in the UK, current agreements on non proliferation, and the arguments made for and against retaining nuclear warheads.Read More

Nuclear Power

An overview of nuclear power, covering the history of the industry, past nuclear accidents, its comparative size in the UK and abroad, and the arguments variously made for and against this source of energy.Read More
Nurses Pay

Nurses Pay

An overview of nurses pay in the United Kingdom, the current system and level, wage comparisons, and the intense political debate surrounding the issue of a pay rise for nurses.Read More
Buttoned up: Britain's obesity epidemic costs millions - but education programmes could address it at an early stage


A minority condition fifty years ago, obesity is now seen as a major public health issue. An overview of its causes, comparative levels in the UK and internationally, and the policy debate.Read More


An overview of Ofcom, covering its role in handling complaints in relation to TV, radio, on demand video, telecommunications and postal services, alongside criticisms of the 'super-regulator.Read More


An overview and history of Ofsted, the regulator for schools and education. Covering the operation of the current process, its history, and the various arguments made around the inspection regime.Read More


An overview of OFWAT, the regulator of the water industry in England and Wales.Read More

Open University

The Open University is the UK's largest university. An overview of its operations, its history, and the political drive that led to its founding.Read More
Organic Farming

Organic Farming

An overview of organic farming, its definition, surrounding controversies and use within the United Kingdom.Read More


An overview of the political debate around organophosphates - the group of synthetic chemical compounds, composed of variable mixtures of phosphorus, carbon, and hydrogen.Read More

PIP rates

An overview of the Personal Independence Payment system in the UK, covering how PIPs work, their payment levels, the assessment procedure, and the political debate surrounding them.Read More

Plane noise

An overview of the political issue of aviation noise, its history, the current levels and restrictions, and the various arguments deployed around this issue. Read More
Police funding

Police Funding

An overview of police funding in the UK, recent history, the operation of the system, and how UK spending compares in international terms. Read More

Police Numbers

An overview of the debate around police numbers, covering recent history and current levels, international comparisons, statistics around police diversity, and plans for increased police recruitment.Read More

Population Growth

An overview of population growth, current global and UK population levels, the history of population growth, and the surrounding political debate. Read More
Mass lobby of parliament calls for action on Post Office network

Post Office closures

An overview of post office branches, the fall at the start of the Century, the stabilisation in branch numbers, reasons for the decline, and current policy. Read More


An overview of the political issue of potholes, how and where potholes form, the damage and impact caused by the holes, and what is being done to counter them.Read More