Political Profiles

Diane Abbot is MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, Labour

Abbott, Diane

Diane Abbott was the first black woman to be elected to Parliament. The veteran left winger has been an MP for well over thirty years. At school she performed in Romeo and Juliet with Michael Portillo, albeit not in the title roles.Read More
Rishi Sunak leaves No. 11 Downing Street ahead of his summer statement to Parliament (photo: Press Association)

Akshata Murthy Net Worth

Akshata Murty is a fashion designer and wife of the UK Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, Her share in Infosys, the software firm founded by her parents, has been estimated to make her richer than the Queen.Read More
Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond

Having left the SNP, the former party leader and Scottish First Minister, set up the Alba Party. However he failed to secure more than 2% of the vote in the 2021 Scottish elections.Read More

Allegra Stratton

Stratton was the former political editor of Newsnight before later becoming the Downing Street Press Secretary. The anticipated televised briefings were later shelved, and Stratton was moved to a post with the COP26 summit.Read More
Yvette Cooper

Balls, Ed

The long time advisor to Gordon Brown sat in the last Labour Cabinet. He was Shadow Chancellor between 2010 and 2015. Now a broadcaster, he is married to Yvette Cooper MP, and enjoys baking. Podcast with George Osborne.Read More
John Bercow

Bercow, John

John Bercow was the Commons Speaker through one of British politics most turbulent decades.  Depending on whom you ask, he is either a national icon, or simply the worst Speaker in modern British history. Traitors contestant.Read More

Brabin, Tracy

Tracy Brabin is the Labour Metro Mayor of West Yorkshire. She is the first woman to hold a role as a UK Metro mayor. Formerly the Labour MP for Batley and Spen, she previously starred in Coronation Street.Read More
Gordon Brown is MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, Labour

Brown, Gordon

Gordon Brown served as Prime Minister between 2007 and 2010. He was previously the longest serving Chancellor since Gladstone. As a boy, he used to sell the programmes for his local football team, Raith Rovers. Read More
Andy Burnham

Burnham, Andy

Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, is the self styled 'King of the North'. The bookies favourite to be the next Labour leader, he has twice stood for the position before. In his 2010 bid, he received a £10,000 donation from footballer, Jamie Carragher.Read More
Official records show James Callaghan threatened to resign as PM rather than give in to possible police strike

Callaghan, James

Jim Callaghan is Britain‘s longest-lived Prime Minister, dying at the age of 93, A former tax inspector, he is the only person to have ever held all four ‘great offices‘ of the British state.Read More
David Cameron

Cameron, David

David Cameron was Prime Minister between 2010 and 2016. Having been on the winning side on the Alternative Vote and Scottish Independence referendums, his winning run came to an abrupt end in the 2016 Brexit vote.Read More
Alastair Campbell said UK's media has been subverted by a small number of journalists

Campbell, Alistair

The former Downing Street Director of Communications remains involved in politics. He is a triathlete, cold water swimmer, and an accomplished player of the bagpipes.Read More
Caroline Lucas is standing for parliament in Brighton Pavilion

Caroline Lucas

Caroline Lucas is the Green Party's only MP, an ex Leader of the Party, and a former 'MP of the Year'. Married to a former professional cricketer, she completed a PhD on Elizabethan Romance.Read More

Chris Mason

Chris Mason is the BBC's new political editor. The self described 'dalesman' has worked at the BBC for over 20 years, serving as a political correspondent for over a decade.Read More

Clarke, Kenneth

As an MP for nearly 50 years, Kenneth Clarke sat in the governments of Heath, Thatcher, Major and Cameron. He stood three times for the Conservative leadership. Clarke attended the 1966 World Cup Final.Read More
Nick Clegg

Clegg, Nick

The former Lib Dem Leader and Deputy Prime Minister, is now President of Global Affairs for Facebook. Living in the US, he recently purchased a $9 million mansion in California.Read More
Yvette Cooper, shadow home secretary, on police privatisation and financial crime

Cooper, Yvette

Yvette Cooper is the Shadow Home Secrtary, former Labour Cabinet Minister and former Chair of the Commons Home Affairs Committee. She is married to Ed Balls. Her father was once General Secretary of the Trade Union, Prospect.Read More
The media attack on Corbyn has been savage

Corbyn, Jeremy

The former Labour Leader, now runs a 'Project for Peace and Justice'. The six times winner of the Parliamentary beard of the year, Corbyn grew up in Shropshire where he attended prep school.Read More
Arlene Foster

Dame Arlene Foster

Arlene Foster was First Minister and Leader of the DUP, before being ousted in a coup in April 2021. As a child, she twice experienced the troubles first hand, when her father was shot, and her school bus was later bombed.Read More