Issue Briefs

Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands

An overview of the Falkland Islands, and the associated dispute about their sovereignty.Read More
Fertility Treatment

Fertility Treatment

An overview of the political debate around fertility treatment in the UK, covering the current legal framework, access to treatment, history, and ongoing controversies.Read More
Firefighters victim of '40 attacks a week'

Firefighter Salaries

An overview of the system of firefighter pay in the UK, salary levels, the way salaries are set, and the history of firefighters salaries.Read More

Flood Defences

An overview of flood defences in the United Kingdom, covering types of flooding, and what politicians are doing to tackle the increasing problems of flooding.Read More

Food banks

An overview of food banks, their operation and growth in the UK, the reasons given for their use, their relative existence in other high income countries, and the various political arguments around them.Read More
Food Standards Agency

Food Standards Agency

An overview of UK food standards regulations, their history, how they operate, changes post Brexit, and the political debate around food regulation.Read More

Football Hooliganism

An overview of football hooliganism in the UK, its history, origins, and the steps being taken to counter its rise.Read More

Foreign Aid

An overview of the UK's current foreign aid provision, its history, the current level of provision, international comparisons, and the current political debate around the 0.7% of GDP funding level. Read More


An overview of the fostering system in the UK, current statistics, and the political debate that surrounds the operation of fostering.Read More

Foundation Trusts

An overview of NHS Foundation Trusts, their history the policy objectives behind the creation of Foundation Hospitals, and the surrounding political debate.Read More

Fox Hunting

An overview of fox hunting in the UK, the current legal position, the position of trail hunting, potential for further reform, the history of the issue, and the different arguments deployed.Read More
Free School Meals

Free school meals

An overview of the free school meals policy in the UK, its history, current operation and criteria, changes made during the Covid 19 pandemic, and the arguments made around future reform.Read More


An overview of freeports. What is a free port? Why is the UK government pursuing them? What are the benefits and downsides?Read More
fuel duty

Fuel duty

An overview of fuel duties in the UK, covering their history, what they raise, how they have changed, and the likely reform in the system as cars go electric.Read More