Issue Briefs

Buttoned up: Britain's obesity epidemic costs millions - but education programmes could address it at an early stage


A minority condition fifty years ago, obesity is now seen as a major public health issue. An overview of its causes, comparative levels in the UK and internationally, and the policy debate.Read More


An overview of Ofcom, covering its role in handling complaints in relation to TV, radio, on demand video, telecommunications and postal services, alongside criticisms of the 'super-regulator.Read More


An overview and history of Ofsted, the regulator for schools and education. Covering the operation of the current process, its history, and the various arguments made around the inspection regime.Read More


An overview of OFWAT, the regulator of the water industry in England and Wales.Read More

Open University

The Open University is the UK's largest university. An overview of its operations, its history, and the political drive that led to its founding.Read More
Organic Farming

Organic Farming

An overview of organic farming, its definition, surrounding controversies and use within the United Kingdom.Read More


An overview of the political debate around organophosphates - the group of synthetic chemical compounds, composed of variable mixtures of phosphorus, carbon, and hydrogen.Read More