Drawing for Politics.co.uk

Cartoons have long been some of the most potent forms of political communication.

Where possible, Politics.co.uk is always happy to provide an audience for those looking to showcase either a hand drawn cartoon or a short animation with relevance to UK politics.

As you can imagine, we do though receive a large number of potential submissions, and unfortunately we restricted in the volumes of pieces that we can publish.

Potential submissions in this area will predominately be based on our judgment of the relative appeal of the piece to our particular audience.

Selected pieces will likely be humorous but not offensive, and provide a novel insight to a contemporary political matter or story.  Currently we’re unable to pay for any drawings or animations that we publish, but we are happy to provide an audience and platform to those which we select.

We will include a short by-line for each author, alongside a link to a relevant Twitter handle or personal website.

Send in your drawings to editorial@politics.co.uk

We’re sorry, but we receive many pitches and we can’t respond to all of them. We do review every submission however and will write back within 48 hours if we think we can proceed with it.

Good luck,

The Politics.co.uk team