Issue Briefs

British Monarchy

An overview of the monarchy in the United Kingdom, its role, history, cost, levels of public support, and the arguments made for and against its abolition.Read More
Manchester city centre: The government's 'local enterprise partnerships' are set to replace the scrapped RDAs

Manchester Congestion Charge

An overview of plans to introduce a congestion charge to Greater Manchester. What is the history? What is involved?Read More


An overview of MI5: covering the broad remit of its operations, its focus, history, and related controversies.Read More


An overview of MI6, its operations, its new green agenda, its history, and the controversies that have surrounding the organisation in the past.Read More


An overview of the combined MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella ) vaccine, covering its history, and the related controversies that have surrounded the vaccine.Read More
MPs salary

MPs Salaries

An overview of MPs salaries, what Members of Parliament earn, the history of MPs pay, the 2009 expenses scandal, and the arguments made for and against increasing MPs pay.Read More

NHS Medical negligence

An overview of the issue of medical negligence in the UK, its history, how costs are set to rise from 2% to 4% of the NHS budget, the legal costs, current processes, and recommendations for reform.Read More