Issue Briefs

UK Immigration

An overview of UK immigration policy, historical and comparable international levels, the visa system, proposed immigration from Hong Kong, and the various arguments surrounding the immigration issue.Read More
Income Tax

UK Income tax

An overview of UK income tax covering current income tax rates, personal allowance levels, the history of the tax, and associated debate around income tax levels.Read More

UK Inflation Rate

An overview of inflation, what is it, what causes it, the problems caused by inflation, and its history in the UK.Read More
Interest Rates

UK Interest Rates

An overview of UK interest rate policy, how interest rates work, who sets them, their history, and the debate around their operation.Read More
National Debt

UK National Debt

An overview of national debt in the UK: the current levels, how it is financed, the cost of repayment, the impact of coronavirus, the wider history, and the debate about its significance.Read More


An overview of the unemployment statistics in the United Kingdom, covering their calculation, and the history of unemployment since the Second World War.Read More
United Ireland

United Ireland

An overview of a United Ireland covering the present framework, history, the impact of Brexit, recent public opinion, and the current debate both for and against a United Ireland.Read More

Universal Basic Income

An overview of proposals for a Universal Basic Income. What is involved? How much does it cost? Where is it in operation? What are the arguments?Read More


An overview of the UK's policy towards military veterans, the issues faced, the aims of the armed forces covenant, and the related policy debate.Read More


An overview of the political issue of vivisection. The history of animal testing in the UK, the current legislative framework, and the various arguments deployed in relation to the issue.Read More
Welsh Independence

Welsh Independence Poll

An overview of the political debate around Welsh independence, covering its history, and its current levels of support.Read More


An overview of the political issue of whaling, current practices around the world, international and domestic opposition, and the ongoing debate around the practice.Read More
Written Constitution

Written Constitution

An overview of a written constitution, how it would work, the basis of the current UK constitution, and the debate around reform.Read More

Yemen Crisis

An overview of the situation in Yemen, the origins of the current war, the humanitarian crisis, and British policy on Yemen.Read More

Young Offenders Institute

An overview of young offenders institutions: how they operate, statistics around young offenders within the youth justice system, and controversies around the operation of the institutions.Read More
Zero Hours Contract

Zero Hours Contracts

An overview of Zero Hours contracts, their history, how they operate, recent legal challenges in the courts, and the political arguments being made for and against this form of working arrangement.Read More