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Alongside the analysis of our regular columnists, and the videos produced daily by our editorial team, each month we publish a range of articles that are submitted to us.

As you can imagine, we do receive a large number of potential submissions, and unfortunately we are restricted in the volumes of pieces that we can publish. Articles are typically selected based on our judgment of the relative interest that the article will generate with our audience, and an assessment of the writing style.

We are particular attracted by articles where the author has either a strong personal experience or professional knowledge of the area about which they are writing; where a new or interesting angle is being advanced, or where the analysis involves interesting historical or international comparisons.

Accepted articles typically range from between 500 to 1,000 words.

We reserve the right to proof read and potentially edit the article you write, but in this case, we will send the article back to you, so you can approve any changes before publication.

Separate to our regular columnists, we do not generally pay for article submissions made through the website. Instead, we hope that our platform can contribute to raising the profile of both the contributor, and the issues which they are discussing. If you are proposing to charge a fee for the publication of your article, you need to specify this and the required level, at the time of submission.

We do not accept posts seeking to place links.

We are happy to include a short biography of each writer, including a link to their Twitter page, and a small picture if one is to hand.

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We are sorry, but we receive many article submissions, and we can’t respond to every article that we receive. We do though read every submission, and we will write back within 48 hours if we think we can provide a potential platform for your article.

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