Writing for Politics.co.uk

Politics.co.uk is always keen to discover new voices and welcomes thought provoking article pitches from our readers, regardless of their viewpoint.  Each month we publish a range of such articles alongside those of our regular columnists.

As you can imagine, we do though receive a large number of potential submissions, and unfortunately we are restricted in the volumes of pieces that we can publish.

Article pitches are selected based on our judgment of the relative interest that different article pitches will generate with our audience, alongside an assessment of the likely quality of the writing style.

In particular, we value articles whereby the author has either a strong personal experience or professional knowledge of the area about which they are writing.

Pitches from those wishing to write an article for the site, should take the following form:

  1. Briefly outline the argument or story in two or three sentences. The ideal pitch should cover a story that we haven’t seen elsewhere, or contain an original or distinctly personal take on a story that we have.
  2. Then write three to five bullet-points laying out the article. This shows us how the article will be structured and what issues/arguments you’ll cover. It also suggests you’ve considered the logic of the argument, or that your article has enough supporting detail to stand it up.
  3. And finally, jot down the first 100-200 words of the article. This is a chance to show off the quality of your writing, and demonstrate that what you produce will resonate effectively with a mainstream audience.

Should an article pitch be successful, the finished article should be between 500 and 1,500 words.  We will proof read and potentially edit the article you write, but in this case, we will send it back to you, so you can approve any changes before publication.  We are happy to include a short by-line for each author, alongside the author’s personal Twitter handle.

Send in your pitches to editorial@politics.co.uk

We’re sorry, but we receive many approaches and we can’t respond to every pitch. We do though read every submission, and we will write back within 48 hours if we think we can provide a potential platform for your article.

Good luck,

The Politics.co.uk team