Issue Briefs


Teachers pay

An overview of teachers pay, covering current pay levels, how pay is set, how salaries compare, and the arguments variously made from different quarters around teachers pay.Read More
Wealth held offshore could cancel developing world debt

Third world debt

An overview of the issue of third world debt, what are the current levels, and what approaches are being suggested in relation to Third World debt.Read More
John McClurey on plain packaging and tobacco companies.

Tobacco advertising

An overview of tobacco advertising restrictions in the United Kingdom, their history, impact, and the current state of the debate around tobacco advertising and vaping.Read More
Trade Unions

Trade Unions

An overview of trade unions, what they do, their history in the UK, the current legal framework, and the political debate surrounding how they operate.Read More


An overview of truancy covering the causes of truancy, the impact of school absences, the approach to term time holidays, and the political debate around truancy.Read More

Tuition fees

An overview of the tuition fee system in the UK, covering current levels, the operation of the system, its history, potential alternatives, and the arguments made for and against the current regime. Read More