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Northern Ireland Police Service declares Firearms and Explosives Branch “critical incident”

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has declared a “critical incident” due to protracted backlogs of applications within its firearms licensing department.  A critical incident is defined as “Any incident where the effectiveness of the police response is likely to have a significant impact on the confidence of the victim, their family or the community”. The… Read more »

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Greensill Bank
Corruption scandal could pose first moment of real danger for Johnson

It feels like something building rather than fading away. The reports of corruption in the Tory government are coming thick and fast now. The latest bout started with the revelation that David Cameron had been lobbying current secretaries of state on behalf of finance firm Greensill Capital. Company boss Lex Greensill worked for Cameron when… Read more »

Vaccine passports certificates
The ‘slippery slope’ of vaccine certificates

As the UK and other countries around the world grapple with the ethics and practicality of various types of ‘vaccine passports’ as a potential route back to ‘normal’, many are asking whether the British public will really accept privacy becoming a casualty of freedom.   Last week, the government published a paper outlining a “roadmap out of… Read more »