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“Outright ban” on snares will have devastating consequences for biodiversity and the Welsh countryside, warns BASC

Banning snares including modern humane cable restraints in Wales will remove an essential conservation tool and could result in local extinctions, the UK’s largest shooting and conservation organisation has warned. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), which has its head office in north Wales, is now calling on the Welsh Government to rethink proposed… Read more »

Businesses must invest in midlife and older workers to unlock economic growth, says think tank Phoenix Insights

Phoenix Insights, the think tank addressing the challenge of longer lives, is calling on businesses to boost economic growth by supporting lifelong learning opportunities among mid and late-career workers, including giving clearer job and career progression assurances for those who retrain Never Too Late to Learn report says UK lags behind other OECD countries in its… Read more »

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