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European elections data: Remainers are having to pick between a diverse selection of potential parties

The Remain strategy: Region-by-region voting guide

A cut-out-and-keep voting guide for Remainers trying to work out how to vote this week.

  • Under control: Many Brexiters are barely aware of how effectively their project fulfils Putin's foreign policy agenda

    How not to be a Useful Idiot

    From Brexiters doing Putin's work, to Remainers doing Brexiters' work, we've all turned into Useful Idiots for someone.

  • Which way now? Depending on the polling technique you use, soft Brexit is either the most of least popular option.

    The crazy polling of Soft Brexit

    The fate of the compromise Brexit option tells us a lot about the debate in Britain. Depending on how you count it is either the most or least popular outcome.

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