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Management of game assurance scheme transferring from BGA to Aim to Sustain

The infrastructure of the assurance scheme built by British Game Assurance (BGA) will be transferred to Aim to Sustain (A2S), it was announced today (Monday October 16th). The transfer should be completed later in the Autumn and in the meantime, the scheme remains unchanged and open to new members. Following completion, Aim to Sustain will… Read more »

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The final judicial ruling in the House of Lords ruled in favour of the MS sufferer
Law lords rule in favour of right-to-die claimant

By Liz Stephens The final judicial ruling made in the House of Lords ruled in favour of clarifying the laws on assisted suicide. In their last judgment in the upper house, the law lords ruled the law was not as clear and precise as it should be. The ruling was on the case of Debbie… Read more »

Criminal justice system struggling to cope with new laws
Doubts overshadow legal aid anniversary

By Alex Stevenson Concerns remain over the future of legal aid as it celebrates its 60th anniversary today. An alliance of organisations representing solicitors and lawyers remains locked in conflict with the government over how to provide the service, which offers free legal advice to those unable to afford it for themselves. Introduced on July… Read more »