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Welsh government position on shooting confirmed

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has received ministerial confirmation which quashes claims that country sports will be banned in Wales by 2024.  The false information was spread through a series of social media posts in March this year, which made claims that shooting and other country sports would have no future in… Read more »

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Criminal justice system struggling to cope with new laws
‘Just stop passing laws’

By Alex Stevenson The government’s addiction to lawmaking is driving the legal world “mad”, the new head of the Criminal Bar Association (CBA) has told Paul Mendelle QC claimed lawyers have been overwhelmed by the volume of legislation passed by the New Labour government. Accusing ministers of “legislative hyperactivity”, he said: “We have been… Read more »

Antisocial drinkers can get a "booze ASBO" under new laws which come into force today.
Govt introduces ‘booze ASBOs’

By Liz Stephens Antisocial drinkers can get a “booze ASBO” under new laws which come into force today. New Drinking Banning Orders (DBO) can be imposed by magistrates and can contain “any condition they think is necessary” according to the Home Office, in a move which is bound to worry civil liberties campaigners. The orders… Read more »