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Phoenix Group comments on the triple lock analysis in The Times

“Decisions around the state pension triple lock carry huge political significance given the impact on a large proportion of the electorate. Over half of retirees derive the majority of their retirement income from the state pension*, so any changes to the triple lock will have a material impact on the day-to-day lives of millions of… Read more »

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Magistrates warn cost-cutting is damaging justice
Cost-cutting ‘threatens justice system’

The shift towards more summary justice is driven by financial concerns and will not improve public confidence in the criminal justice system, magistrates have warned. In a letter to the prime minister, the Magistrates Association says that although JPs want to dispense speedy justice, the extended use on-the-spot fines on the grounds of cost-effectiveness “cannot… Read more »

A Home Office review recommends using lie detectors on sex offenders
Lie detectors ‘help manage sex offenders’

Submitting sex offenders to lie detector tests makes an “important contribution” to the way they are treated and managed on probation, a new report finds. The review of a two-year pilot scheme across ten areas in England finds that voluntary tests throw up helpful information about a sex offender’s continuing risk to the public. More… Read more »