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BASC challenges illegal move by West Mercia Police

BASC’s head of firearms Bill Harriman has written to the Chief Constable of West Mercia Police to challenge its decision to make all applications for firearms and shotgun certificates online only. The force announced this week that from 1 May printed applications would no longer be accepted. In a letter to Chief Constable Alex Murray,… Read more »

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A Commons vote means murder suspects can no longer claim their partner's infidelity as a partial defence
Infidelity murder defence to end

By Emmeline Saunders The right of murder suspects to use their partner’s sexual infidelity as a partial defence in court is set to end. Ministers are pushing ahead with the plans after they were thrown out by the Lords last month – hailed by shadow justice secretary Dominic Grieve as “a victory for common sense”…. Read more »

A Liberty demonstration against Mr McKinnon's extradition
MPs attack Johnson over McKinnon extradition

By Alex Stevenson Home secretary Alan Johnson rejected claims that Britain’s extradition reputation was “going to hell in a hand cart”, as he was grilled by MPs over the potential extradition of computer hacker Gary McKinnon. Mr Johnson restated his claims he was utterly powerless to stop the extradition of Mr McKinnon, a UFO enthusiast… Read more »