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First BASC Wildlife Fund political reception held in Welsh parliament

The first BASC Wildlife Fund political reception was held in the Senedd this week, highlighting to cross-party MSs the positive impact sustainable shooting has on conservation efforts and connecting people with their environment. The reception aimed to introduce the BASC Wildlife Fund (BWF) to Members of the Senedd (MSs), showcasing the work of shoots, clubs… Read more »

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Phil Woolas' election leaflet. The former MP was found guilty of deliberately lying in his campaign material.
Labour comes out for Woolas – but public wary

By Ian Dunt Westminster is dominated by talk of Labour’s support for Phil Woolas, even as polls show public support for the court which found against him. A parliamentary Labour party meeting last night allegedly saw a series of angry and personal attacks against deputy labour leader Harriet Harman, who instantly distanced the party from… Read more »

The right to trial by jury may no longer be 'sacrosanct' for minor offences
Trial by jury faces the axe for petty crimes

By Peter Wozniak Defendants should be stripped of the right to trial by jury for minor offences in order to save millions of pounds, the victims commissioner has argued. ‘Either-or’ offenders, who may be tried in either a crown court or a magistrates court, should be shifted entirely to the latter said Louise Casey, the… Read more »