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Wales Humanists launches report on 100 years of disestablishment
Humanists UK backs bill for Church of England disestablishment

Humanists UK has welcomed the announcement of a Private Members’ Bill which would disestablish the Church of England and separate church and state. Currently the Church of England is the official state religion of England, and the monarch is both the head of state and the head of the Church of England. The practice of… Read more »

BASC logo
BASC addresses members’ concerns with North Wales PCC

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has met key members of North Wales Police Crime Commission and the firearms licensing department to address concerns following a recent meeting of the North Wales Police and Crime Panel. During the meeting, in September, it was suggested that people should have a firearms licence for each gun they… Read more »

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Norman Baker's call for a free vote on Trident was rejected by Lib Dem delegates
Lib Dem MPs refused free vote on Trident

The Liberal Democrats have rejected calls for their MPs to have a free vote on Trident replacement, as new figures suggest the true cost of the nuclear system is £76 billion. Delegates at the party conference in Brighton defeated a motion put by former environment spokesman Norman Baker to allow Lib Dem MPs to vote… Read more »

Lord Goldsmith said intercept evidence could be "key" in securing convictions
Goldsmith favours wiretap evidence

Intercept evidence should be admissible in court for people suspected of terrorism, the attorney general has argued. There is currently a ban on using evidence from phone taps, but this could be lifted in the wake of comments from Lord Goldsmith, who said information gained in this way should be used in terrorism and organised… Read more »