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BASC addresses members’ concerns with North Wales PCC

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has met key members of North Wales Police Crime Commission and the firearms licensing department to address concerns following a recent meeting of the North Wales Police and Crime Panel. During the meeting, in September, it was suggested that people should have a firearms licence for each gun they… Read more »

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David Cameron will set out plans for a bill of rights
Cameron vows to scrap Human Rights Act

Conservative leader David Cameron today said the Human Rights Act needed replacing to help keep Britain secure and protect its freedoms. Mr Cameron believes the existing act, which incorporates the European Convention on Human Rights, has “hampered the fight against crime and terrorism”. He wants to see it replaced with a British bill of rights… Read more »

Lord Falconer
Victims’ families to get voice

A new scheme to allow families of murder and manslaughter victims to have their own say in court proceedings has today been highlighted by the lord chancellor. Lord Falconer today addressed the North of England Victims Association in South Shields, giving his backing to the victims’ advocate scheme, which allows people to explain to the… Read more »