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Humanists UK expresses concern as Government launches human rights review
Call for legal protections for teachers against ‘blasphemy’ welcomed by Humanists UK

The Government-backed independent review into political violence and disruption has been published today and recommends teachers to be given legal protections against allegations of ‘blasphemy’. This has been welcomed by Humanists UK, who has been leading the campaign for robust support for teaching staff in response to recent controversies, including the suspension of a teacher in Batley after showing an image… Read more »

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Supervising provisionally registered dentists will increase workload and accountability, DDU says

The Dental Defence Union (DDU) has raised concerns about the increased workload and accountability for dentists taking on the supervision of provisionally registered colleagues who qualified overseas. Responding to Department of Health and Social Care provisional registration for overseas-qualified dentists the DDU says it has profound misgivings about whether the system being proposed is workable and practical from a workforce and patient safety… Read more »

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Simon Singh recently won his libel battle against the British Chiropractic Association
Opening salvo fired in libel reform battle

By Ian Dunt The opening salvo in efforts to secure reform of Britain’s libel laws was fired today with a private member’s bill demanding greater defence for freedom of speech. Private member’s bills rarely turn into law, but with the coalition government including libel reform in its upcoming civil liberties agenda, Lord Lester of Herne… Read more »

Brian Haw has been camped outside parliament for nine years
Brian Haw arrested ahead of Queen’s arrival

By staff The arrival of the Queen for the state opening of parliament has been marred by the arrest of Brian Haw, a peace campaigner. Mr Haw has been protesting in Parliament Square since 2001, and has survived several attempts to move him. But the peace campaigner was held while police searched the ‘peace… Read more »