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Lead ammunition call for evidence launches

BASC will be responding to a call for evidence launched by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on lead ammunition. The call for evidence forms part of a government review into the impact of lead ammunition on the environment, wildlife and people. The HSE’s call for evidence, launched this week, is one of a series… Read more »

BFAWU to recall Conference

Today the Labour Party has made a clear statement of intent in its aspiration to repair its relationship with the bosses but seems to be determined to widen the divide between the representatives of labour and those our movement represent. The recent decision to proscribe organisations is seen as a divisive and a purely factional… Read more »

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Rantzen fails in Luton South
General election 2010: Rantzen fails in Luton South

By Sabine Klensch The seat of Luton South has been taken over by the Labour candidate Gavin Shuker with 14,725 votes – despite a high-profile campaign from Esther Rantzen. The former broadcaster, who originally decided to stand in the immediate wake of the expenses scandal, only won 1,872 votes. Mr Shuker successfully defended the Labour… Read more »

Lib Dem gain Eastbourne
General election 2010: Lib Dems gain Eastbourne from Tories

By Sabine Klensch The Liberal Democrats have gained Eastbourne from the Conservatives. Eastbourne is the Lib Dems’ seventh target seat, but the result goes against the grain on what appears to be a bad night for Britain’s third party. Stephen Lloyd, the Lib Dem candidate, won 47.3% of the votes. The Tory candidate Nigel Waterson… Read more »