Cameron: Throw out ‘the old guard’

By staff

David Cameron has called on voters to throw out the “old guard” in his last speech of the campaign.

Speaking in Bristol at the end of a marathon campaign session which saw him work through the night, the Tory leader made his last plea for voters to choose the Conservatives on May 6th.

“We need change tomorrow because if we don’t we’ve got five more years of Gordon Brown,” he told supporters.

“We need change tomorrow because if we don’t get change we’re stuck with more of the same. So let’s tell everyone in our country what do we need tomorrow, change. That’s what we need.

“Don’t stay at home and let the old guard in, don’t vote for the Liberal Democrats and let Gordon Brown back in. Get out tomorrow. Vote for change, vote Conservative, vote to give this country the hope, the optimism and the change we need.”

Mr Cameron and his wife Samantha will vote in Witney, his constituency, later today.