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Sleep deprived doctors concerned about patient safety

Over a third of doctors say they feel sleep deprived on at least a weekly basis and over a quarter have been in a position where tiredness has impacted their ability to treat patients, a new survey by the Medical Defence Union (MDU) has found. The UK’s leading medical defence organisation carried out the survey… Read more »

BASC launches second newspaper campaign
Has your wild game hero been shortlisted?

Following over 250 businesses being nominated, the Eat Game Awards’ shortlist has been published ahead of a public vote to reveal this year’s wild game heroes. In its fourth year, the Eat Game Awards seek to celebrate and reward those who are championing wild game, and going the extra mile to promote and utilise the produce. Categories… Read more »

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Conservatives on top in polls
The polls: Conservatives open a lead

By politics.co.uk staff In two new opinion polls the Conservatives are establishing a firmer lead over Labour and the Liberal Democrats, but still not quite enough for a majority. In a Populus/Times poll the Tories are eight points ahead of the Lib Dems, close to being able to form a majority. The Conservatives have gained… Read more »

Out of conrol? Cameron says crime is worse than ever.
Cameron blasts ‘stew’ of crime and drugs

By politics.co.uk staff David Cameron has renewed his focus on the ‘broken society’ with a keynote speech addressing the “stew” of crime and drugs in inner city Britain. The Tory leader cited crime, addiction, anti-social behaviour and poverty as the causes behind the breakdown in British society. But opponents reiterated their own complaints against Mr… Read more »