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BASC welcomes environmental lawyer to the ranks

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) is excited to announce the appointment of law academic Dr Marnie Lovejoy as its new head of environment law research. Marnie has a PhD in law and is the former associate head of Portsmouth Law School. Gamekeeping runs in her family and she is a keen beater… Read more »

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David Miliband is widely considered the front runner in the leadership race
Labour prepares for leadership contest

By Ian Dunt Labour is preparing itself for a leadership contest which will define the party in the years ahead. The formal leadership contest will not begin until after negotiations between the Liberal Democrats and the two other parties are complete, but analysts are expecting Ed Balls and David Miliband to form the two major… Read more »

No deal: Former home secretaries David Blunkett and John Reid have spoken against a Lib/Lab pact
Labour heavyweights come out against Lib-Lab deal

By politics.co.uk staff Senior Labour figures are saying the party leadership should not do a deal with the Liberal Democrats to stay in government. Some sort of agreement between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives looked likely yesterday until it emerged that the third party was also talking to Labour, with a new leadership and… Read more »