Brown: Labour will never walk away

By staff

Gordon Brown has delivered a near-religious final speech in Dumfries, Scotland, telling voters Labour will “never walk away”.

The speech finished off an effective final period for the Labour campaign, with many observers being surprised by Mr Brown delivering a series of impassioned and motivated performances.

“We believe that progress is not just about one person getting more but all of us moving forward together,” Mr Brown said, continued a line of rhetoric aimed squarely at Labour’s core vote.

“So I ask you when you go to vote tomorrow to ask, who will fight for you, speak up for you, and never walk away?

“Who when the economy is on the line, when your jobs are on the line, when your homes are on the line, when your business is on the line who will go the distance for you?”

Mr Brown continued: “Who will always put your job security, your standard of living, your tax credits, your mortgage and your public services first?

“Who will stand up for your family because we know what it is to walk in your shoes? And I say again with humility – Labour will.

“But we cannot do it without your vote. Give us your support and your trust tomorrow and we will be there every day to support you steadfast strong and always on your side.”

After the speech Mr Brown headed back to his constituency Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, where he will vote today.