The front pages: ‘Day of destiny’

The election dominates today’s front pages, with some surprising omissions.

David Cameron features on the front of the Sun, which has long been a cheerleader for him, in a pastiche of the famous Barack Obama poster, with the line: “Our only hope”.

The Tory leader also features on the front of the Labour supporting Daily Mirror, but this time the paper plays up his privileged background to deter voters.

The Express features Mr Cameron under the banner ‘D-Day’ and also describes him as the country’s only hope, but the Daily Mail leads with a dramatic picture of a Greek riot policeman in flames, linking it to the election:  a “Burning issue for Britain.”

The Guardian, which has endorsed Nick Clegg, pictures Mr Cameron looking through a door, suggesting he will enter No. 10, while the Times features a cartoon of Gordon Brown seemingly hanging upside down.

The Daily Telegraph shows Mr Cameron in silhouette next to the line “Day of destiny”. The Financial Times uses a picture of Gordon Brown, but leads on the troubles of the Prudential.

The Independent has filled its front page with text, listing 15 reasons why this may be a historic election, and the Daily Star leads on the possible marriage woes of Premiership footballer Steven Gerrard. It does devote one front page column to the general election, however.