Ukip candidate predicts civil war in the UK

By Marina Kim

Paul Weston, Ukip’s candidate for the Cities of London and Westminster seat, has predicted a civil war in the UK in the next 20 years following “the ethnic cleansing of the English”.

“We have been colonised in our own country,” he told in an exclusive interview.

Mr Weston, who is married to a Romanian, said he does not judge immigrants and is not a racist. But he believes that white working class children will soon be fighting against immigrants and he is concerned about the future of his children.

“If I was born in Bangladesh the first thing I would do, if I raise an airfare, is to come here.

“But we are only one per cent of the landmass of the world. If you open the doors you are going to destroy this country.”

In his blog Mr Weston speaks about ‘population replacement’ in the UK. He says that Labour party policies started with the ‘hated other’ being ‘the bowler-hatted bourgeoisie’, but eventually turned against the English working class. He calls it “a betrayal”.

He thinks the right of the English people to an identity has not been respected and warns of ‘Islamic takeover’.

“I got really annoyed when I watched Question Time. Bonnie Greer said there was no such a thing as ‘indigenous English person’. Every single country has got indigenous population. England has that right, too,” he added.

“[Nick Griffin] could have got back to Bonnie by saying that there is UN declaration of the rights of indigenous people.”

However, Mr Weston is not a fan of the BNP leader. He calls him “a Holocaust denying Nazi lunatic”.

He also regrets Britain’s imperial past. “I don’t believe that we have the right to go anywhere in the world and dictate how people should live. But I believe we are being colonised here in the UK,” he said.