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Austria’s top court decriminalises assisted dying

Helping ‘seriously ill’ people to end their lives will no longer be a criminal offence in Austria, following a judgment from the country’s top court. Humanists UK, which campaigns for legal assisted dying across the UK, has welcomed the move as a victory for reason, compassion, and empathy. News of the decision comes just weeks after… Read more »

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Northern Ireland Government proposes opt-out organ donation

The Northern Ireland Department of Health has proposed introducing an opt-out system for organ donation, where a person is presumed to have consented to donate their organs after death unless they have specifically opted out. Northern Ireland Humanists has welcomed the move, and has called on the public to support the plans. Moving to an… Read more »

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Lib Dems devastate Labour in Redcar
General election 2010: Lib Dems take Redcar with shock 21.8% swing

By Catherine Stevenson The Liberal Democrats have routed Labour in Redcar, ousting Vera Baird with an enormous 21.8% swing. Lib Dem Ian Swale took 45% of the vote, despite the fact Redcar has been traditionally viewed as a core Labour heartland constituency. The popularity of government has plummeted here. The constituency was hit hard recently… Read more »