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House of Lords votes for at-home abortion provision

During last night’s late night sitting in the House of Lords, running beyond 2am, peers voted to allow women to continue to access abortion services at home. Prior to Covid, women were required to attend a clinic in person to access abortion pills. But since then, they have been able to receive the pills by post. The… Read more »

BASC launches second newspaper campaign
BASC commits to hen harrier recovery plan

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has committed to contributing £75,000 towards Natural England’s hen harrier recovery work over the next three years, via its Legacy Fund. Three annual payments of £25,000 will aid Natural England’s objectives of winter roost monitoring, support and education around diversionary feeding, and the southern reintroduction of the species. The three-year agreement follows… Read more »

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Tories funds for second election
Tories raise money for second election

By Sabine Klensch The Conservative party has started to raise funds for a second general election despite a new poll showing a Tory lead, it has emerged today. Tory donors have been asked to provide funds for a new election battle to be waged within 12 months, according to the Daily Mail. Despite the party’s… Read more »

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Election 2010: The peak of strategy?
Analysis: Tactical voting comes of age

The 2010 general election campaign has broken one of British politics’ greatest taboos: tactical voting. By Alex Stevenson Let’s be clear what tactical voting is: a conscious decision by a voter to back a party other than the one they support, in a pragmatic bid to secure a more desirable result in their constituency. It’s… Read more »