"Smith’s Brexit ensures that, if it happens, it will happen in a tolerable and responsible way"

Smith is one of the only people in Labour talking sense on Brexit

Owen Smith is wrong about a lot of things but he's worth listening to on Brexit

"The story is utter nonsense from beginning to end"

It wasn't The Sun that got SAS soldier released from prison

The Sun's claim that it helped to get an ex-SAS soldier released early from prison isn't quite as it seems

Sadiq Khan's popularity among Londoners is not shared by supporters of Jeremy Corbyn

The attacks on Sadiq Khan shows Labour have given up on winning

Labour members turn on their most electorally successful senior politician

Islamic State: A group with no political agenda or demands suitable for negotiation

Labour leadership fight reaches new low as Corbyn and Smith say they’d negotiate with Isis

Extraordinary moment during BBC debate as both leadership candidates propose talks with Islamic terror group


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