Could the next Royal baby swing it for the Conservatives?

Desperation: Tories pin hopes on Royal baby bounce

Conservatives believe newborn could save their campaign from failure

Joint press conference: But the morning conferences have been scrapped during the election

Damning IFS judgement shows how much all parties have to hide

The gap between what parties promise and what they'll do has never been greater. Today's IFS report shows quite how misleading the election campaign has become.

A random trip to the gynecologist can save women under 25 from living with undiagnosed cervical cancer

Cervical cancer: Does the smear age need to be lowered?

A change in the rules to start smear tests at 25, rather than 20, could be leaving more young women without treatment

Italian minister Graziano Delrio shakes hands with a migrant standing on the deck of a boat carrying 27 survivors of the migrant shipwreck

This isn't a migrant rescue plan – it's an EU border-control plan

The EU stamps on its own reputation for human rights with a response to the migrant boat deaths which focuses on border control, not search-and-rescue


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