Gordon Brown anticipates the number of broken timetable promises...

Scottish devolution timetable: Can Westminster keep its promises?

There's already two broken promises, and counting, in the Westminster party leaders' Scottish devolution timetable

Grayling, the lord chancellor, is brought to book by the system he tried to close down

Comment: Chris Grayling has been taught he's not above the law

The high court has ruled Grayling's legal aid reforms to be illegal, in a devastating blow for the justice secretary

Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and David Cameron made their promise - now they must keep it

Comment: England's leaders must set aside party advantage

It's time someone showed the sort of leadership over England that Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling showed over Scotland.

Rubel Ahmed died in Morton Hall earlier this month

The death of Rubel Ahmed: Protest at the Home Office

He died in mysterious circumstances under the responsibility of the British state. But his supporters aren't taking it lying down


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  • Salmond: 'You're not getting out enough!'

    Interview: Alex Salmond

    The Scottish first minister on Adam Smith, English democracy and the media bubble

  • David Cameron's Cabinet is dominated by ministers who went to boarding schools

    Have boarding schools damaged politicians?

    Everyone knows David Cameron and his Cabinet are posh. Yet few in Westminster will accept a psychotherapist's claim that their boarding school backgrounds have fundamentally crippled their ability to lead.


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  • Prison book ban: Earned privilege or human right?

    Prison book ban

    Authors and prison reform campaigners join forces to get Chris Grayling to think again on his ban on sending books to prisoners.

  • Turning up the temperature: Standard of living and action on  climate change don't make easy bedfellows

    Britain's great energy debate

    Can you tackle climate change without ruining our quality of life? Politics.co.uk takes an in-depth look at an issue with no easy solutions.