Food banks: Reveal how right and left struggle to articulate views around poverty and agency

Comment: Foodbanks show how left and right fail the poor

Government passes on responsibility for its own citizens - but the left needs to stop treating poor people as entirely passive

Angels of our better nature? Campaigners fight for judicial review amid government attack

Very quietly, the coalition tries to dismantle judicial review

One of the most powerful tools for citizens to hold the government to account is quietly being taken apart in the House of Lords

Locked out: the MoJ won't say who was invited in for talks on child warehouse plans

Critics frozen out of MoJ as Grayling pushes ahead with child warehouse plan

'Secure colleges' plan is criticised by pretty much every expert imaginable, but it goes to the Lords today regardless

Cameron: Marbleless

PMQs Verdict: Losing our marbles

Today's session was like a cross between the Two Ronnies Mastermind sketch and the American gameshow Jeopardy!


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  • The Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission released its second annual State of the Nation report today

    The final death of meritocratic Britain

    Reports don't get much scarier than this. Britain, according to the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission, is on the brink of stepping over an event horizon of doom and becoming a "permanently divided society".

  • NHS workers strike outside University College Hospital in central London

    NHS strike: A walkout by people who care about you

    'Give us more pay,' the NHS workers strike today is supposedly going, 'or the patients get it'. The truth about the conduct of these compassionate, caring workers couldn't be more different.

Ian Dunt



  • Nick Clegg: A staunch defence of his record - and what might end up being his legacy

    Analysis: Clegg's survival mission starts here

    Nick Clegg's survival mission starts here. His pitch is not about values or policies, but about the value of coalition: a concept as tarnished as it is associated with the deputy PM.

  • Vince Cable: An asset come election time

    Analysis: Vince Cable learns to be useful

    Vince Cable has spent much of the last four years being a thorn in his leader's side. But now, as today's autumn conference speech in Glasgow shows, things have changed. With the general election looming the chastened business secretary has become an asset once again.





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  • Prison book ban: Earned privilege or human right?

    Prison book ban

    Authors and prison reform campaigners join forces to get Chris Grayling to think again on his ban on sending books to prisoners.

  • Turning up the temperature: Standard of living and action on  climate change don't make easy bedfellows

    Britain's great energy debate

    Can you tackle climate change without ruining our quality of life? takes an in-depth look at an issue with no easy solutions.