Another Westminster episode that ends badly - and leaves ordinary people disappointed

Bedroom tax victims are the real losers of the EU referendum bill's death

The strange death of the Tories' EU referendum bill has been a particularly ugly coalition one. And it's not one without casualties, as thousands of bedroom tax victims will testify.

Smoke 'em if you've got 'em: Drug report casts doubt on 40 years of UK policy

The Home Office admits it: Tough enforcement does not lower drug use

The most significant report on drugs the British government for forty years has been published. This could be the moment the tide turns.

Win: Five copies of The Newsroom season two on blu-ray

Win: The Newsroom Season Two blu-rays

To celebrate the release of the second season of Aaron Sorkin's celebrated series about life in an American newsroom, we're giving away five copies of the blu-ray

Picket: Napo has tried to stop the sell-off but is now considering judicial review

Officers say public are in danger - so why won't MoJ publish its safety test?

Probation officers warn that the sell-off of the service is putting the public at risk. SO why won't the Ministry of Justice publish its safety tests?


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    Prison book ban

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