Housing crisis: Immigration rules turn landlords into border guards.

Hostile Environment: Hundreds of Commonwealth nationals evicted under anti-migrant 'right to rent' rule

Figures obtained by Politics.co.uk reveal that almost 300 Commonwealth nationals have been evicted from their homes under the government's controversial 'right to rent' rules, raising concerns that members of the Windrush generation could have been affected.

The singularity of a black hole sucks in matter. Also: A metaphor for Brexit policy.

Week in Review: We are all talking about nothing as the clock ticks down to oblivion

Theresa May has gone to Brussels with no plan and no idea how she'd deliver it if she did.

Tusk's comments caused a storm of British protest

Overreaction to Tusk's comments shows how thin-skinned nationalists are

After years of attacking the EU in lurid terms, Brexiters apparently can't handle it coming back.

Starmer is shifting Labour policy in a more moderate direction

Labour's new Brexit policy looks an awful lot like Norway Plus

If it looks like Norway, sounds like Norway and walks like Norway - it's probably Norway.


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