Michael Gove's leadership announcement torpedoes Boris Johnson's leadership hopes

Boris Johnson's leadership bid sinks before even being launched

Former mayor suffers series of potentially fatal blows to his leadership hopes

"Gove's decision to stand comes after multiple occasions in which he insisted he never would"

All the times Michael Gove said he didn't want to be prime minister

Gove's own words will come back to haunt him

Labour MPs acted as if Jeremy Corbyn was no longer there

PMQs Verdict: Jeremy Corbyn's ghost haunts Labour

Labour MPs acted as if Jeremy Corbyn was no longer there

"Johnson made promises he never intended to keep in a campaign he never thought he'd win"

Post-truth politics is driving us mad

Britain is about to ruin its own quality of life so it can address a problem which does not exist

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"The dynamics of today's electricity and gas markets do not create companies or business strategies in which public interest"

Britain's energy situation is unacceptable and unsustainable

We should be developing de-centralised energy that is community owned

RSPCA exposing Britain’s puppy dealers

RSPCA exposing Britain’s puppy dealers

Shocked by the scenes on BBC Panorama’s Britain’s Puppy Dealers Exposed? Sadly, we’re not.

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