Paul Nuttal became the new leader of Ukip this week

Pick of the week: Lib Dems, porn and Ukip

Our most-read pieces this week - from porn to Brexit, with a dash of Paul Nuttall

Zac Goldsmith looks dejected during a speech by victorious Lib Dem candidate Sarah Olney last night

Richmond shock reveals Theresa May’s Brexit weakness

PM didn't even stand a candidate, but hard Brexit still cost her the vote

"This by-election is significant in so many ways"

Richmond victory helps mend Brexit heartbreak

Remainers may end up being grateful to Zac Goldsmith

Liberal Democrat candidate Sarah Olney celebrates after winning the Richmond Park by-election

Sorry Remainers, but there aren't enough Richmonds

It's not time to get the anti-Brexit bubbly out of the fridge yet

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No amount of immigrant-bashing can hide the real truth that Tory ideology continues to drive people in this country into total despair.

Stand up for fairness, or be divided for good

The only people responsible for the hardship and division that currently exists within our communities are the Conservatives.


Living wage 'a disaster' for low paid workers

The recent introduction of the Tory ‘living wage’ has been a disaster for many low paid workers.

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