"After David Ward's candidacy emerged, a storm of protest from Jewish organisations forced party leader Tim Farron to criticise his adoption as a candidate, and then to sack him"

Farron axes Lib Dem candidate after day of confusion in anti-Semitism row

Lib Dem leader sacks David Ward after a storm over his past comments about Israel and Jews

"There is a breed of left winger who reacts to accusations of left-wing anti-Semitism with instinctive defensiveness or scepticism"

Yes, the left has a racism problem

Sections of the left will still defend or turn a blind eye to anti-Semitism

"Starmer is honourably trying to do the right thing in impossible circumstances but the party's policy remains a terrible muddle."

Labour's Brexit policy remains a terrible muddle

Starmer is doing his best to come up with a tolerable policy in impossible circumstances, but it's not enough.

"A Scottish Conservative revival which could deprive the still mighty SNP of several seats come June 8th"

Conservative comeback in Scotland gathers pace

Ruth Davidson plus opposition to indyref2 seemingly a winning combination

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"Pay and exploitative employment are the real problems faced in modern Britain"

Labour's plans for a real living wage would be life changing for many people

A minimum wage of £10 will lift millions of people out of poverty

"They refuse to acknowledge the problems working class people of this country face day in, day out"

Budget Tories out of touch once again

The government's incompetence has shifted attention away from the real issues at hand

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