"Smith’s Brexit ensures that, if it happens, it will happen in a tolerable and responsible way"

Smith is one of the only people in Labour talking sense on Brexit

Owen Smith is wrong about a lot of things but he's getting it right on Brexit

"The story is utter nonsense from beginning to end"

Actually, it wasn't the Sun wot won it

Paper claims victory in campaign on ex-SAS prisoner - but the truth is rather different

"Since being elected, Corbyn has made a number of substantial and inexcusable errors"

Brexit smashed austerity, but Corbyn too lost to benefit

Vote to Leave did what the anti-austerity movement could not

Sadiq Khan's popularity among Londoners is not shared by supporters of Jeremy Corbyn

Attacks on Sadiq Khan shows Labour has given up

Labour members turn on their most electorally successful politician

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BFAWU slams Smith's 'absurd' criticism of McDonnell

The comments made by Owen Smith about John McDonnell in relation to campaigning on employment rights are absurd.


A Place to Call Home – mental health and the supported housing issue

We believe everyone should be able to live in a safe and secure home.

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  • “We remain firmly opposed to plans for a widespread cull because we have not seen any evidence that the pilot culls have succeeded in reducing bovine TB in the cull areas"

    RSPCA alarm at badger cull restart

    RSPCA warns continuing ‘cruel’ culls in Somerset, Gloucestershire & Dorset while extending culls to a further five areas in another three counties will have no major effect on bovine TB

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    NASUWT comments on A-Level results

    Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union, has commented on today's publication of A-level results.