David Cameron and Jose Manuel Barroso: A tense relationship at the best of times

Is the PM's migrant cap plan designed to fail?

Downing Street's immigration crackdown, dismissed by critics as a blatant bid to out-Ukip Nigel Farage, is unlikely to become reality. That may not worry David Cameron very much

TV debates are coming... and even Cameron wants the Greens in on them

Pick of the Week

David Axelrod, herbal drugs and the Green rejection

David Lammy: A new look for London

The man who would be mayor

An interview with David Lammy

Hammond: Talk of treason suggests emotion rather than reason

Hammond's unhelpful temper tantrum

Call for treason charges against Brits in Syria is inane and counter-productive

Opinion Formers

  • nasuwt-logo

    NASUWT supports ‘Britain needs a pay rise’

    Hundreds of members of the NASUWT will arrive in London today from across England and Wales to take part a march through Central London and rally in Hyde Park to call for a economic recovery that works for all.

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    NASUWT comments on new guidance by Ofsted

    Chris Keates: 'The publication by Ofsted of clarification for schools is a welcome development which will help to empower teachers to challenge unnecessary and unproductive practices in schools which do not contribute to securing effective teaching and learning'.

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  • Prison book ban: Earned privilege or human right?

    Prison book ban

    Authors and prison reform campaigners join forces to get Chris Grayling to think again on his ban on sending books to prisoners.

  • Turning up the temperature: Standard of living and action on  climate change don't make easy bedfellows

    Britain's great energy debate

    Can you tackle climate change without ruining our quality of life? Politics.co.uk takes an in-depth look at an issue with no easy solutions.