Concerns are increasingly being raised about heavy-handed policing of anti-fracking demos

Kettling tea ladies: Hardline policing of fracking demos is out of control

Increasingly brutal policing of environmental protests raises questions about the force's competence and judgement

Alex Salmond on his RT set

Alex Salmond and RT

How progressive pin-up became Putin propagandist

Members of protocol prepare to put up British and EU flags prior to a conference between Michel Barnier and David Davis last month

Brexiters are their own gravediggers

Davis stumbling into precisely the pits his critics warned were ahead of him.

Lexit arguments are popular among the Labour leadership, but studies suggest the EU is no impediment to Corbyn's political programme

Everything you need to know about Lexit in five minutes

Do the left-wing arguments against the EU stand up to scrutiny?

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"Pay and exploitative employment are the real problems faced in modern Britain"

Labour's plans for a real living wage would be life changing for many people

A minimum wage of £10 will lift millions of people out of poverty

"They refuse to acknowledge the problems working class people of this country face day in, day out"

Budget Tories out of touch once again

The government's incompetence has shifted attention away from the real issues at hand

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