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Wales Humanists launches report on 100 years of disestablishment
10 Years On: Humanists UK reflects on Same-Sex Marriage Act coming into force

Humanists UK is celebrating the ten year anniversary of the first same-sex marriages in England and Wales. Whereas the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act received Royal Assent on 17 July 2013, it took some time to implement this change, so the Act only came into force the following year. The first same-sex marriages took place just after midnight… Read more »

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Minister on Met Police investigation: ‘Standards must be raised’

Minister of state, Kit Malthouse, made a statement to the House of Commons following an investigation into “bullying and misogyny in Charing Cross Police Station”.  Malthouse told the House: “Misogynistic, racist and homophobic behaviour became commonplace between officers”.  The Conservative MP said that he hoped that the investigations taking place, including one by the Home… Read more »

Starmer labels Johnson the ‘real Captain Hindsight’

Boris Johnson defied calls to resign during a testy exchange with Keir Starmer in prime minister’s questions today. When asked by the leader of the opposition whether he would follow the ministerial code that “ministers who knowingly mislead parliament should be expected to offer their resignation”, Johnson replied, “of course”. The prime minister pointed out  that… Read more »