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Defra to review GL45 in light of reduction of AI risk

BASC has welcomed Defra’s announcement that the new General Licence (GL45), which governs the release of pheasants and red-legged partridges on and around certain Special Protection Areas (SPAs), is currently being reviewed. The current licence conditions are based on a medium level of risk of the occurrence of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in wild… Read more »

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Sunak defends the government’s policy on welfare. Without mentioning the universal credit cut directly, he says just increasing benefits, so that people “lean ever more on the state”, is not the best way to help people in the long term.
Sunak defends tax hike and slams excessive borrowing as ‘immoral’

In his keynote speech at the Conservative party’s annual conference in Manchester this afternoon, Chancellor Rishi Sunak defended the government’s tax rise, said Brexit was in the UK’s long-term interests, and announced an artificial intelligence scholarship scheme. He began with the line “Whatever it takes …” saying this phrase was what defined his introduction to… Read more »

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Johnson downplays government responsibility for fuel shortages

With the Conservative party conference opening in Manchester today, Johnson gave the usual pre-conference interview to Andrew Marr this morning.  The political backdrop to this interview, and the Conservative conference more broadly, is widely understood to hold several problems for our PM. He is currently grappling with shortages across the economy, as well as the… Read more »