Political Profiles

Glenda Jackson: "The kind of behaviour you saw in parliament would not be tolerated for 30 seconds in a professional theatre."

Jackson, Glenda

The Oscar winning actress served as a Labour MP for 23 years. Although loathing Margaret Thatcher, she has previously expressed some admiration and sympathy for Theresa May.Read More
Sajid Javid is MP for Bromsgrove, Conservative

Javid, Sajid

Sajid Javid was the first person of colour to hold one of the ‘Great Offices of State’. Health Secretary. Living in Bristol, he grew up on what one tabloid dubbed 'Britain’s most dangerous street'. At school he was told to pursue a career in TV Repair.Read More
Robert Jenrick

Jenrick, Robert

Robert Jenrick was once the youngest Cabinet Minister when serving in the Cabinet between 2019 and 2021. He is currently the minister of immigration. Married to the daughter of Holocaust survivors, Jenrick was a Director of Christie's Auction House before becoming an MP.Read More
Livingston suggests his mayoral opponent lack credibility, as it is confirmed Johnson will run on the Tory ticket.

Johnson, Boris

Prime Minister since 2019, former Foreign Secretary, and Mayor of London, Johnson has so far forged a reputation as an electoral winner. He is a close school friend of Princess Diana's brother, Charles Spencer.Read More
Stanley Johnson

Johnson, Stanley

Best known as the father of Boris, Stanley Johnson was once a politician in his own right. An animal welfare and environmental campaigner, in 1984 he was awarded the Greenpeace Prize for Outstanding Services to the Environment.Read More