Political Profiles

Mr Hague is very popular within the party

Hague, William

William Hague was a dominant figure in Conservative politics between 1995 and 2015. As a youngster, he admitted drinking 14 pints a day when working hauling crates of drinks into Yorkshire pubs for his family's firm.Read More

Hammond, Philip

Hammond spent five years occupying two of the Great Offices of State, first as Foreign Secretary, and then as Chancellor of the Exchequer. Apparently a former Goth, he went to school with the TV presenter, Richard Madeley.Read More
Michael Heseltine

Heseltine, Michael

One of the leading British political figures of the late 20th century, Lord Heseltine was Deputy Prime Minster, and served as an MP from 1966 to 2001. A keen gardener, he has appeared on 'Gardener's World'.Read More
Jeremy Hunt is MP for South West Surrey, Conservative

Hunt, Jeremy

Chancellor of the Exchequer and former Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt was also the longest serving Health Secretary in British history. He speaks Japanese, and loves ballroom dancing. His father was once Commander-in-Chief of the Fleet.Read More
Lindsay Hoyle

Sir Lindsay Hoyle

Lindsay Hoyle is the 158th Speaker of the House of Commons. He owns a parrot called Boris, apparently named after the Prime Minister'. The parrot has apparently mastered his owner's famous cry of 'Order, Order'.Read More