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Rally planned as Parliament to debate compassionate assisted dying law

On 22 October, for the first time in years, the UK Parliament will debate legislation to legalise assisted dying for the terminally ill. Humanists UK, which campaigns for a right to die for those with terminal or incurable illnesses, fully supports the Assisted Dying Bill as a landmark step towards much-needed reform. It will be… Read more »

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Chris Packham’s Wild Justice group dismissed in the High Court again

Leading rural organisations have reacted positively to the High Court’s dismissal of Wild Justice’s ‘speculative’ attempt to judicial review Defra’s most recent burning legislation in England. The attempted judicial review had sought to disrupt the Heather and Grass Burning (England) Regulations 2021 that bans heather burning on our most protected sites with peat of more… Read more »

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Furlough scheme supporting 1.6 million jobs to end today

The government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is set to end today. The scheme, which supported the wages of one-third of workers at its height, is estimated to have cost around £70 billion. A wave of redundancies and a corresponding increase in unemployment is now likely. However recent ONS data has shown some sectors in recovery,… Read more »

Lorry drivers are protesting against the government
Govt may grant temporary visas to tackle HGV driver shortage

The government is expected to announce temporary measures, such as short-term work visas, to allow foreign HGV drivers to work in the UK. The UK currently has a shortage of over 100,000 drivers, slowing down the delivery of essentials such as food and petrol. The Office for National Statistics has said that millions are facing… Read more »