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14:57, 10 Mar No of child refugees fleeing Ukraine reaches 1 million, says UNICEF 13:38, 10 Mar Charity urges speed on setting up safe and legal routes for Ukrainian refugees 12:15, 10 Mar Unemployment rate across OECD area falls to pre-pandemic rate 11:10, 10 Mar Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich to face UK sanctions 10:35, 10 Mar MP urges DVLA to explain why 1.1m people are awaiting licenses 09:08, 10 Mar Army to step in to improve UK’s Ukraine refugee response 08:35, 10 Mar Over a third of secondary school pupils unsure about future options 17:10, 09 Mar Counterfeiting crime surged across UK and Europe during pandemic 16:53, 09 Mar Landmark case against disability abortion law to be heard by Court of Appeal 15:30, 09 Mar MPs welcome crackdown on online scam ads 14:20, 09 Mar 10s of 1000s of children could avoid council care by 2025, says new report 13:32, 09 Mar Russian ‘dumb bomb’ attack killed dozens of civilians in Chernihiv, claim charity 12:26, 09 Mar UK ambassador to Brazil replaces Martin Reynolds as PM’s principal private secretary 11:15, 09 Mar BME women twice as likely to be on zero-hours contracts as white men 10:35, 09 Mar MPs claim Northern Ireland’s minority communities ‘overlooked’ by policy makers 09:00, 09 Mar New subsidy rules ‘a recipe for disastrous waste of taxpayer money’, warns think tank 08:40, 09 Mar MPs slam MoJ’s ’meagre ambition’ following doubling of Crown Court backlog 16:11, 08 Mar Over one third of business leaders feel industry not doing enough to address sexism 15:31, 08 Mar Concern over Ukrainian prisoners of war appearing at press conferences