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Ukip: A small party with a disproportionate voice

That Ukip joke isn't funny anymore

Our tolerance of Ukip has unleashed a toxic culture of racism onto British streets

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  • Nelson Mandela dies

    The Political Week Online: A Week in December

    What a week. It started off with a young swimming star coming out, and ended up with an old civil rights icon reaching the end of his life. Somewhere in the middle, an editor was forced to defend his patriotism to a select committee. And the chancellor delivered his autumn statement.

  • Crowds gather at Mandela's status in Parliament Square

    Nelson Mandela: Political tributes

    The political tributes come flooding in for one of the great world statesmen of our age.

  • An EDL supporter at a rally. The organisation may not survive without Robinson as its figurehead.

    Tommy Robinson quits the EDL

    The leader of the English Defence League (EDL) has quit the organisation in a dramatic move which saw him warn of the dangers of "far right extremism".

  • A dirty, slutty fridge. With no mustard.

    The Political Week Online: Nasty Nigel, nice Nick?

    Is the UKIP conference full of "sluts"? Was Farage a fascist as a teenager? Will Clegg ever be loved again? Is the prime minister allowed to have a nap? Is Tommy Robinson oppressed? Do burkas oppress men?

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