Government must release teachers’ pay report without delay

Today the School Teachers Review Body (STRB) has confirmed that their 34th report setting out their recommendations to the Government for the teachers’ pay award for 2024/25 has been issued to the Secretary of State for Education and to the Prime Minister.

NASUWT-The Teachers’ Union is calling on Gillian Keegan to publish the report immediately and without delay.

The Union is concerned that, particularly with a General Election looming, ministers will look to delay publication of the report for as long as possible. In recent years the Government has refused to publish the STRB report until schools were breaking up for the summer holiday.

Dr Patrick Roach, NASUWT General Secretary, said:

“Our concern is the Government will seek to delay the publication of the STRB report for political purposes ahead of the General Election.

“The pay review body is not the property of the Education Secretary. Teachers and employers have a right to know immediately the opinions and recommendations of the School Teachers Review Body, without interference from Ministers.

“It would be wishful thinking from the Secretary of State to believe that teachers and school leaders will tolerate any delay to the publication of the pay review body’s latest report.

“Teachers have suffered for too long and will not be fooled by yet more political game-playing from a government that has run out of road and lost the trust of the profession.”