The battle for London mayor has been all about race

Pick of the week: Divisive tactics

A chance for you to catch up on our five most-read items of the week:

Five: PMQs verdict: Cameron cheapens himself with hypocritical anti-racist attack

In fifth place this week is our verdict on PMQs. The accusations of racism, which have been levelled at both Labour and the Conservatives recently, were the focus of this week's rather ugly clash between the party leaders. This piece found that while neither Corbyn or Cameron came out of the encounter particularly well, the prime minster used what should be a very serious issue to score political points.

FourSadiq Khan: There are too many white men on Transport for London

In the top five once again is our report on comments made by Sadiq Khan about the need for greater diversity on Transport for London. The Labour candidate for mayor said that the city's transport authority is dominated by white men and that he would reshape the board if he becomes mayor.

Three: This is how modern Britain does anti-Semitism

One Labour party member after another has been suspended over allegations of anti-Semitism in recent weeks, so is it just a problem for the left or a far bigger issue? Our next piece was an account of what life is like to be Jewish in modern Britain.

TwoThe promises Boris Johnson has broken as mayor

With Boris Johnson's time as London mayor at an end, now seems as good a time as any to look back over his record at City Hall. To make it easier for you, we've updated our list of all the promises he has broken over the last eight years.

One: Diane Abbott: London shouldn't have another white, middle-aged man as mayor

It seems a long time ago since Diane Abbott was in the running to become the Labour candidate for mayor of London, but in the top spot this week is our report from last year on comments she made during her campaign in which she suggested the capital didn't need another white middle-aged man in charge.