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Skiing in Davos, where the World Economic Forum meets this week

Why we must reject the dangerous delusions of Davos

When you scratch the surface of the Davos narrative, things soon start to fall apart.

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  • London's South Bank will showcase IF campaigners' cause with a pop-up tropical tax haven complete with shady businessmen and palm trees

    Tax-dodging crackdown 'could end hunger by 2025'

    Impoverished countries could eliminate poverty by 2025 if they received back just a quarter of the money currently lost to tax-dodging multinational companies, according to the Enough Food IF campaign.

  • Less to go around: Many low income families could struggle following council tax increase.

    Working poor face tax hike

    Due to changes in the council tax system, as many as two million low-income families will see their tax bill increase in the next financial year.

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