Answer NRW’s call for evidence on wild bird licensing says BASC
Improvements to livestock worrying legislation welcome news for gamekeepers, says BASC

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has welcomed the announcement that enclosed gamebirds are to be included within enhanced livestock worrying legislation in England and Wales. Listing enclosed gamebirds and increasing police powers for dealing with incidents of livestock worrying are just two parts of a wider Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill introduced… Read more »

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Manchester to lose out on super casino?
Brown ‘scraps’ super casino plans

Gordon Brown has signalled the beginning of the end for the proposed super casino plans. In a clear break from his predecessor, Mr Brown said the government would look at other ways the government could deliver the urban regeneration the super casinos were designed to deliver. The Liberal Democrats predicted this signals a change of… Read more »

Tories call for married couple tax breaks
Cameron hails marriage cure for broken society

David Cameron has reignited the family values debate by claiming marriage could fix the UK’s “broken society”. Speaking ahead of the Tory’s social justice policy review into social breakdown, Mr Cameron called for a reform of the tax and benefits system to encourage marriage. The Tory leader insisted he was not forcing marriage as the… Read more »