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GMC guidance on fatigued doctors welcomed by MDU

The Medical Defence Union (MDU) welcomes updated COVID-19 guidance for GMC fitness to practise decision makers. The guidance advises them to take account of ‘sustained and extreme periods of fatigue’ among doctors. Dr Caroline Fryar, MDU head of advisory services said: “Yesterday, an MDU survey of over 500 members revealed that one in four doctors admitted being… Read more »

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Sleep deprived doctors concerned about patient safety

Over a third of doctors say they feel sleep deprived on at least a weekly basis and over a quarter have been in a position where tiredness has impacted their ability to treat patients, a new survey by the Medical Defence Union (MDU) has found. The UK’s leading medical defence organisation carried out the survey… Read more »

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William Hague insisted the government had stuck to the letter of the law in its access to the US surveillance system called Prism today, as he sought to reassure voters about the regulations surrounding internet activity.

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