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Less to go around: Many low income families could struggle following council tax increase.

Working poor face tax hike

Due to changes in the council tax system, as many as two million low-income families will see their tax bill increase in the next financial year.

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  • Councils and residents to agree best practice

    Blears touts community contracts

    The government wants councils to promise to improve local areas in return for local residents agreeing to cooperate.

  • More band news for town halls?

    Capping looms for town halls

    Town hall budgets will be capped ruthlessly if local authorities attempt to drive up revenue through council tax rises, the government has warned.

  • Council tax set to rise by 4.2%

    Council tax 'to rise by £53'

    Council tax bills in England and Wales could rise by an average of £53 a year, an independent investigation has discovered.

  • LGA survey predicts council tax will go up by 3.5% in April

    Council tax to rise by 3.5%

    Council tax will rise by an average of 3.5 per cent from April, a new survey by the Local Government Association (LGA) has found.

  • Lyons review into council funding is delayed again

    Council tax report delayed again

    The Lyons review into council tax has been postponed yet again, to allow it to consider this week's major reports on planning, transport and skills.

  • Local government minister will warn against 'excessive' council tax rises

    'No excuse' for council tax hikes

    Councils will see their Whitehall funding rise by £3.1 billion to £65 billion next year, local government minister Phil Woolas has announced.

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