Bell, Aaron

Conservative MP for Newcastle under Lyme. Elected in 2019. Former software engineer who set up a firm with friends from his cricket team. Quiz contestant on University Challenge and Deal or No Deal. One time winner of the Krypton Factor. Humanist.Read More

Baynes, Simon

Conservative MP for Clwyd South. Elected in 2019. Former investment banker, who later ran a bookshop. Powys Councillor. Supporter of the Arts.Read More

Baillie, Siobhan

Conservative MP for Stroud. First elected in 2019. Former family law solicitor, and Camden Councillor. Read More

Bailey, Shaun

Conservative MP for West Bromwich West. Elected in 2019, at the age of 28, for Betty Boothroyd's old seat. Former trainee solicitor. Welsh speaker.Read More

Badenoch, Kemi

Conservative MP for Saffron Walden. Government's Equalities Minister. Former software engineer, and member of the Greater London Assembly. Born in the UK, grew up in both the US and Nigeria.Read More
Karen Bradley MP

Bradley, Karen

Conservative MP for Staffordshire Moorlands. Chair of Commons Procedure Committee. Cabinet Minister under Theresa May. Former tax accountant with KMPG. Manchester City Fan.Read More
Jake Berry is MP for Rossendale and Darwen, Conservative

Berry, Jake

Conservative MP for Rossendale and Darwen. Former solicitor. Former Northern Powerhouse Minister. His wife was formerly Boris Johnson's Parliamentary Secretary.Read More
Harriett Baldwin is MP for West Worcestershire, Conservative

Baldwin, Harriett

Conservative MP for West Worcestershire. Former Minister under Theresa May and David Cameron, who was quickly sacked by Boris Johnson. Former investment banker. Opposed to Foreign Aid cuts.Read More
school bullying

Bullying in schools

An overview of school bullying in the UK, including the prevalence of out of school bullying and cyber bullying.Read More
Brownfield Land

Brownfield Development

An overview of brownfield development covering it definition, scale, history, current policy, and the political debate surrounding brownfield sites.Read More

British Summer Time

An overview of the arrangements for British Summer Time, the main proposals for reform, and the arguments made for and against a change in the clocks. Read More


An overview of the legal position surrounding begging in the United Kingdom, and of the current political debate that accompanies it.Read More

Broiler chicken

An overview of the political debate around broiler chickens, covering current practices in the UK, the arguments supporting the practice, and the campaigns mounted in opposition.Read More
Calls for BBC bosses to quit

BBC TV Licence Fee

An overview of the BBC Licence Fee: how it works, the arguments made around its abolition and retention, and details of potential alternative ways to fund the BBC.Read More
Monetary Policy Committee

Bank of England Independence

An overview of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee, how it works, its history, and the debate around whether it should be independent of politics.Read More