Conor Burns is MP for Bournemouth West, Conservative

Burns, Conor

Conservative MP for Bournemouth West. Northern Ireland Minister. Former Southampton City Councillor. Gifted orator. Ally of the Prime Minister. Friend of Margaret Thatcher in her later years. Massive snooker fan.Read More
Nick Brown is MP for Newcastle upon Tyne, Labour

Brown, Nick

Labour MP for Newcastle upon Tyne East and Wallsend. Former Agriculture Minister and long standing Chief Whip. Grew up near Tunbridge Wells. Humanist. Speedway fan.Read More
Robert Buckland is MP for Swindon South, Conservative

Buckland, Robert

Conservative MP for Swindon South. Former Secretary of State for Justice. Former barrister and Judge on the Midlands circuit. Grew up in Llanelli. On the left of the party, member of the Tory Reform Group.Read More
Fiona Bruce MP

Bruce, Fiona

Conservative MP for Congleton. Former solicitor who set up her own firm. Warrington Councillor. Evangelical Christian, very 'pro life'. Opposes HS2.Read More
Birmingham, Hodge Hill, Labour

Byrne, Liam

Labour MP for Birmingham, Hodge Hill. Chief Secretary to the Treasury under Gordon Brown. Entrepreneur who attended Harvard Business School. Unsuccessful Labour candidate for West Midlands mayor.Read More
Clive Betts is MP for Sheffield South East, Labour

Betts, Clive

Labour MP for Sheffield South East. Former leader of Sheffield City Council. Long standing Labour MP. One time economist at the TUC. Sheffield Wednesday fan.Read More
Steve Brine MP at the University of Winchester's Freshers Fair

Brine, Steve

Conservative MP for Winchester. Former radio journalist who worked in PR. Lost the whip in 2019, rebel against No Deal. Former President of the Students Union at Liverpool University. Spurs fan.Read More
Chris Bryant

Bryant, Chris

Labour MP for Rhondda. Runner up in the contest to succeed John Bercow. Critic of Jeremy Corbyn. Once head of European affairs at the BBC. Former vicar.Read More
Hilary Benn is MP for Leeds Central, Labour

Benn, Hilary

Labour MP for Leeds Central. Cabinet Minister under Gordon Brown. Critic of Jeremy Corbyn. Son of veteran Labour left winger Tony Benn. Gardener, and owner of a small nature reserve in Essex.Read More
Andrew Bridgen MP

Bridgen, Andrew

Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire. Former marine who built up a very successful market gardening business with his brother. On the right of the Conservative Party, critic of John Bercow and Theresa May.Read More
Margaret Beckett is MP for Derby South, Labour

Beckett, Margaret

Labour MP for Derby South. Long serving Labour Cabinet Minster. Former Deputy and interim Labour Leader. First ever woman Foreign Secretary, longest ever serving female MP. Enjoys caravanning.Read More
Kevin Brennan MP

Brennan, Kevin

Labour MP for Cardiff West. Junior minister under Gordon Brown. Former economics teacher. Rugby fan, member of a Parliamentary rock band.Read More

Byrne, Ian

Labour MP for Liverpool West Derby. New MP elected in 2019. On the hard left of Labour. Trade unionist. Attracted controversy for past Tweets. Liverpool fan who was present at Hillsborough.Read More

Buchan, Felicity

Conservative MP for Kensington. Former investment banker with JP Morgan. Second smallest Conservative majority.Read More

Bristow, Paul

Conservative MP for Peterborough. Elected in 2019. Former lobbyist who was chair of the Association of Professional Political Consultants. Once elected to Hammersmith Council.Read More

Bonnar, Steven

SNP MP for Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill. Attracted controversy for crossing his fingers when swearing allegiance to the Queen. Celtic fan, who had a dispute with his neighbour in 2020.Read More

Blake, Olivia

Labour MP for Sheffield Hallam. Formerly worked for the NHS, and a Sheffield City Councillor. First elected in 2019. Member of Momentum, on the left of the Labour Party.Read More

Begley, Órfhlaith

Sinn Fein MP for West Tyrone. Solicitor, and hurling enthusiast.Read More

Begum, Apsana

Labour MP for Poplar and Limehouse. First elected in 2019. Tower Hamlets administrative officer. Active member of Momentum, sits on the left of the Labour Party. Read More